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The Fullback and His Best Friend

The Fullback and His Best Friend

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He was my best friend, until...he kissed me.


To say that I'm excited to have my best friend come live with me is an understatement. Even though he's not my boyfriend and I would never look at him as such, I'm excited that with him around, I'm no longer the ninth wheel.
Plus, having a movie buddy to watch my favorite movie 
Dirty Dancing is a plus. Even if he rolls his eyes everytime we watch it.


I have one semester of freedom until my parents force me to persure a relationship with a girl who is beneficial to our family. Sure, I come from a rich family with loads of connections, but I'm trapped. I want to love who I want to love and not who my parents want me to marry.

I want to love Olivia.

But I'll settle for being her friend and spending the rest of my senior year feeling free.
And I was fine, until my feeligs became to hard to ignore.
She's the one girl who can make me smile. The one girl who understands me. And the one girl who doesn't use me for my family.

I just hope that when this is all over, I haven't lost my best friend in the process.

If you love best friends to lovers stories with carefree female leads and strong heros, you'll love The Fullback and his Best Friend. The FINAL installment of The Ballerina Academy series.

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