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Charming the Cheerleader (The Bet Duet #1)

Charming the Cheerleader (The Bet Duet #1)

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The trick to winning the bet and thawing the ice queen? Don't fall for her first.

After an epically bad first day at a new school, Conner's faced with a future as the school's biggest outcast. Unless he can find a way to turn this situation around.

So when his stepsister throws out a challenge, it's a no brainer. Everyone says the head cheerleader is an untouchable ice queen, but if Conner can thaw her mean girl facade, he'll have it all—popularity, bragging rights, and his stepsister's money.

But then again, if he wins the bet, he'll lose her. Rosalie. The ice queen cheerleader who's really not cold at all when you get to know her... 

In fact, she's actually kinda perfect. And really...what's the use of having it all if he loses the only thing that matters? 

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