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Saved By The Crush's Brother

Saved By The Crush's Brother

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This fake baby assignment is the perfect way to play house with her crush. But...her crush isn't home. His bad boy brother is.

Avery's over the moon when her health teacher pairs her with her lifelong crush  for the class's fake baby assignment. A precious fake baby to bond over? It's the perfect recipe for true love.

Except...the baby is a nightmare. And her crush? He's nowhere to be found. After two nights of no sleep thanks to this creepy plastic nightmare, she shows up on her crush's doorstep to demand that he help.

But her crush...he's not there. It's his notoriously bad boy brother who opens the door. Tattooed and glowering, he towers over her in the doorway. "You coming in, Princess?"

What can she say? Desperate times call for bad boy measures...

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