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The Match Makers

The Match Makers

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The school's biggest rivals are finally going to play nice. Maybe too nice. In fact, there might be kisses involved...

Edie and Dane have been at each other's throats for years. Now, for the first time in ages, they actually agree on something—the Love Quiz app is wrong. And they mean to prove it. Their desire to disprove the app's accuracy has nothing to do with their results, or the fact that they got each other as a love match. 

Nope. Their determination to succeed is solely for the sake of science. Obviously. 

Except...after a couple days working side by side, all scientific objectivity gets thrown out the window. As group project leaders, they're supposed to be watching from the sidelines. So why is Dane suddenly so interested in Edie's results? And why is Edie so angry when she spies him with another girl?

The Match Makers is the third installment in a three-book YA romance novella series. The books should be read in order to avoid confusion and spoilers. 

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